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Ever since Urban Digital Technologies was founded, we had been focusing on 3D Urban Digitization and Visualization technologies, 3D GIS Digital City, as well as the development and research on professional 3D Digital Display technologies.

The company possesses a team of high caliber of quality and creative professionals, with a strong knowledge in 3D GIS Technologies and 3D Exhibition display technologies...

Urban 3D Digitization

Urban Digital Technologies specializes in 3D Urban Digitization and Modelling Creation. To date, we had successfully modeled many large cities in Singapore and Asia. Unlike many other modelling companies, our 3D modelling data created focuses on:

  • Accuracy
  • High Level of Detailing
  • Optimized polygon and texture for fast rendering
  • High visual quality and information

In addition to the modelling quality, our optimized pipeline in 3D Modelling data creation ensures that the overall quality and accuracy of the 3D models are guaranteed.


All Rights Reserved. 2011.Urban Digital Technologies(S) Pte Ltd
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